Pirbright Art Club will be condensed into 2 new groups from September, when the new club year begins. Re-enrolment takes place at the end of August and forms will be sent out soon.

GROUP 1 will become our “LEISURE ARTISTS” group.
GROUP 2 will close. (Members will be offered places on the other groups)
GROUP 3 will become the “EXHIBITING ARTISTS” group.

Current members will be offered a place on their preferred group and some may wish to join both groups, if there are places. I will advise on which group I would recommend for individual members.

The two groups will have one distinct difference and that is the automatic entry to the Annual Exhibitions each year, which now applies only to the “Exhibiting Artists” group. If you wish to take part in our exhibitions, this is the group to join and your subs will cover the exhibitions as usual. No commission is taken on sales at our Annual Exhibition or The Railings Exhibition. However - you will be
expected to attend at least 5 of the 10 painting meetings each year in order to be a member of this group and to be eligible to exhibit. This group meets on the fourth Thursday of each month (except December 2022 and June 2023) New extended times: 2.30 – 6pm*
You may choose when to arrive and leave at any point between these times.


The “Leisure Artists” group meetings will be purely for pleasure and learning. There will be optional monthly ‘themes’ set, as usual, and there is no expectation to take part in our exhibitions (you may do so if you wish but there will be an entry fee per picture for members of this group). The group meets on the third Thursday of each month (except December 2022 & June 2023). Times: 1.15 – 3.45pm

Voucher cards for both groups are £45 for 5 x sessions (this price is held from last year).

Pirbright Art Club currently has a membership of around 60 artists - spread over 3* groups . Membership is open to most levels of experiences but may not be suitable for the complete beginner. Intermediate and experienced artists, are welcome.   *This will become 2 groups from September 2022 - see above for details.

From September 2022, Pirbright Art Club will see some changes. Three groups will become two and there are distinct differences between the two because one group will be for artist who wish to exhibit their work and the other will be for leisure and learning only. 

There are no meetings in August but a series of Outdoor Painting Days are scheduled for the summer. See our ACTIVITIES page for details. 

Membership is renewed at the end of August and club meetings start up again in September. The annual subscription is £95 for the Exhibiting Artists group. This fee covers Public Liability Insurance, hire of Lord Pirbright's Hall and automatic entry to our Annual Exhibition in December (including hire of premises for the Exhibition weekend; advertising; invitations and publicity) and our outdoor Summer 'Railings' exhibition. No commission is taken by the club for paintings sold. We take a small percentage from the sale of prints and cards for our funds. 

The subscription for the Leisure Artists group is now £75 and it no longer covers automatic entry to exhibitions. If members of this group wish to exhibit - they will need to pay an entry fee* per picture.  *Fee to be decided


Annual subscriptions also cover Facebook publicity for our events and exhibitions, as well as the maintenance of this website.


If you join more than one PAC group, you pay a reduced subscription for the second group (£75), as exhibition fees are already paid. 


See details and check for updates on our MEETINGS page. A limited amount of places are available now for new members.

Please contact Maggie Read if you are interested in joining: 



Maggie demonstrating to PAC members

Tutored Painting Meetings: Members buy a PAC Voucher Card to be stamped at each group meeting they attend. Cards are £45 for 5 x sessions and may be used at any time - they are not restricted to the current art club year. 

*Members must normally attend at least 5 sessions in the previous year to be eligible for entry to the Annual Exhibition. New members should have attended 2 of the 3 Autumn meetings to enter the December exhibition.