This page shows recent work by members of the Pirbright Art Club

Maggie Read (

Autumn Allotment (Mixed Media)

Echinacea (Acrylic)

Quex Park (Acrylic on Gesso Board)

Gamekeeper's Hut at Quex (Acrylic)

Drying Off (Pastel)

Delhi News (Mixed Media)

Frank Fuller

Wrecks on the Isle of Mull (Oil)

Arran Sunset (Oil)

Foxgloves in the Lakes (Oil)

Homeward Bound (Oil)

Jenny Griffiths

Heavy Horses, Weald & Downland Museum (Oil)

New Forest Ponies (Oil)

South African Boys, Posing (Oil)

Basingstoke Canal, Brookwood, in the Winter  (Oil)

Matlock Bath (Oil)

Colin Wood

The Sky: Fallen, Llyn Crafnant (Watercolour)

Wet Slate, Llanfair (Watercolour)

A'Chill, Canna (Watercolour)

Rain Shadow, Llanfair (Watercolour)

Eda Frandsen Under Sail, Ornsay (Watercolour)

The pleasure, the privilege is mine (Watercolour)

Stephen Jones

Chinnock Hollow, Somerset (Oil)

Evening Tide, River Tamar (Oil)

Summer Evening, Peckham (Oil)

The Courtesan (Oil)

Dormir (Oil)

Homeward Bound, Dorset Coast (Oil)

Janet Moore

Asian Lion (Pastel)

Poppies (Pastel)

Doormouse (Pastel)

Kingfisher (Pastel)

David Harmer

Christmas Shopping in Guildford High Street (Watercolour)

Sea Forts in the Thames estuary (Watercolour)

Venice, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore (Watercolour)

White Horses of the Carmargue (Watercolour)

David Hardcastle

Summer in Shere (Pen & Wash)

Traction Engine (Acrylic)

Charlestown Harbour (Pen & Wash)

St Just in Roseland (Oil)

Mevagissey (Pen & Wash)

Brian Ealden

Louvre (Watercolour)

North Sea (Watercolour)

Dorset Countryside (Watercolour)

Walberswick, Suffolk (Watercolour)

Carol Norris

Colourful Wisley (Acrylic on Canvas)

Floral Display (Acrylic on Canvas)

Calm Sea (Acrylic on Canvas)

Misty (Watercolour / Pastel)

Carrie Cowan

Hare (Watercolour)

Flatford Mill (Watercolour)

Sue Pallot

Kingfisher (Watercolour)

Cote Sauvage, France (Watercolour)

Darkie (Pastel)

Brown Newfie (Pastel Pencil)

David Drury (

Cobham Mill (Watercolour)

Pirbright Church (Watercolour)

Venice (Watercolour)

The Law Courts (Watercolour)

Elaine Balmer

Cat's Eyes (Watercolour)

Mad Ostriches (Watercolour)

Stripes (Watercolour)

Parakeets in a Row (Pen & Watercolour)

Laney Randell

Arctic, NW Passage1 (Watercolour)

Arctic, NW Passage2 (Watercolour)

Arctic, NW Passage3 (Watercolour)

Arctic, NW Passage4 (Watercolour)

Arctic, NW Passage5  (Watercolour)

Ingrid Skoglund

Three O' Clock (Watercolour Inks)

Blue View (Acrylic with detail of an acrylic pour, created with hair dryer)

Carousel of No Return (Acrylic pour, created with hairdryer, spatula and blowtorch)

Bee's Tease (Acrylic, created with hairdryer, blowtorch and stick)

Below the Surface (Acrylic)

Jenni Hammond

Vases (Mixed Media)

Still Life (Watercolour)

Fruit (Watercolour)

Valerie Noble

Maddie (Pastel)

Lee (Pastel)

Louie (Pastel)

Fox (Pastel)

Steve Wells

Landscape (Oil)

Newark Priory (Oil)

Landscape (Oil)

Krystyna Lysakowska

Sunrise (Watercolour)

Russian Winter (Watercolour)

Sutton Park Farm (Watercolour)

Molluscs (Watercolour)

Margaret McQuillan

The Wolf (Pastel)

Nina Klein

Trees Squared (Acrylic Inks)

Fish (Acrylic Inks)

Lynda Willis

Flaming Poppy (Oil)

Pink Roses (Oil)

Anthony Shelton

Lakeside Grange, Surrey (Oil)

St Just in Roseland, Cornwall (Oil)

New Forest Pony, Godshill, near Fordingbridge (Oil)

Swans At Dusk, Broadwater Lake (Oil)

Mallards At Dusk, Broadwater Lake (Oil)

River Wey, near Thames Lock, Weybridge (Oil)

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